The #4Help is Not Just an Incredible Adjunct Marketing Program, It is Also an Investment

#Codes, What are They?

Hashtag Dialing Codes are abbreviated phone numbers that begin with "#" followed by 3 to 5 digits. Often times, the digits spell short words or acronyms, like vanity toll-free numbers.


There were only 15 #codes that are provisioned for use by all 4 major wireless carriers that work in all 50 States. No more will be added.

Our agency was provisioned 5 of the 15 #codes.

Our #codes are attached to 10-digit phone numbers. Each wireless carrier routes their respective #codes to one 10 digit tracking line, which we set up for each of our #codes. #4Law for example is connected to the toll-free number 877.452.9452 [877.4Law.4Law].

Why Don't We Ever Increase the Monthly Fee?

Because we've seen the gluttony by some vanity toll-free licensors result in bad relations between their company and their licensees. Most of those vanity phone number companies increase their fees annually, eventually, their pricing becomes overly burdensome on the licensees which of course will adversely affect the licensee's ability to consistently advertise their vanity phone number, ultimately destroying its value.

We believe that our clients deserve to benefit from the value that they add to our products through their advertising efforts. 

We also believe that once a #code goes live in a state, it needs to remain live. 

Occasionally our clients may have a slow month or months, in those situations we know that it benefits us as much as our clients to make accommodations, such as reducing the monthly fee and assisting in any way we can to make the #code an effective marketing tool. 

Can #4Law Double Your Leads Without Increasing Your Advertising Budget? And Increase Lead Conversions and Retention Using Our Free CRM Add-On?  Our Clients say "YES!"

As of June 2021, we have 9 law firms signed up for #4Law.  Several of our law firms have reported that on average, they have doubled their leads by simply replacing the current toll-free number in their ads with #4Law [#4529).

Also, by using our FREE Lead Management CRM, which includes automated SMS responsive messages, chat by text, and other tools, our reporting law firms have seen a significant uptick in conversions and lead retention.

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Pricing is based on the population of your territory.


- Setup time is about 5 business days. 

- Your first month is free, to give you time to set up your marketing plan.

Increasing Value of Your #Code


Because your monthly fee will never increase, you derive all of the benefits of the increased value of your #code in your territory. The more you advertise it, the more it increases in value. That increased value remains with you for as long as you want to keep the code. 

Right to Assign or Sub-License Your #Code

You may even choose to assign your license to another vetted firm, in your state, at a higher rate than you pay and keep anything over your flat rate as a monthly stipend

We also allow clients to sub-license their #code to other lawyers within their State. We cab to assist with re-routing if needed. We don't share in the fees that you are able to collect by sharing. 

Internet Presence


We also provide an online presence for our clients at (participation is optional). 

We are presently in the process of rebuilding this website.

We plan to give each client a page on the site (waiting for 25 total law firms before going live with the rebuilt site).

Your Page on the Website


On your page will be a submission web form that will route directly to you, as will all inquiries via email for your State. This is a free add-on that also includes a email address. 

SEO and Search Engine Presence 


Our agency will cover the cost of SEO and we should sit at or near the top of page one on search engines. We will either use generic content for your page or you may provide the same, along with your logo,


Other Contract Terms


Contracts renew year to year at your option AND your monthly price will never increase. Cost per minute is a function of our actual cost. We expect the cost to decrease as we're able to buy more minutes. 

Other Products and Services


We are a full-service marketing agency. We build websites, create advertisements, buy ads, and perform all other typical marketing agency services. Our #code clients receive preferential service and large discounts if they employ our services. 

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